Being Expertly Me

What does it mean to be “Expertly Me”? Well, you are the expert on you. No one knows more about you than you. No one can you better than you. Inversely, no can be you either. Being you is not as easy as you make it seem. You are the master of juggling your life. So much time and dedication goes into just being you, that you’d have to be bonkers to try being someone else. This is especially true because you do not know everything about the person whom you are trying to imitate. It’s impossible for you to know everything. Think about it; no one knows everything about you. There are always some things which you keep to yourself whether intentional or not.

Be you. Embrace everything that you are, flaws and all. I promise you someone is looking up to you. Become an expert on the subject of “You”. Only you can be the world’s foremost authority on you, no one else. Invest time into you. Build yourself up and don’t allow anyone to tear you down. Be good to yourself. Follow your dreams and take hold of your passions. There is where your purpose lies. God grants each one of us gifts and talents. Nurture them. It will bring you joy.

I tried running away from my gift because I experienced great hurt in my life. I didn’t want to work with kids in any capacity let alone teaching. I even enrolled in and completed a Human Resources Management certificate program to begin working in this field. I did very well in my classes. Upon completion, I could not find a single job. I had never had this problem before…NEVER. At the same token, I had never run from my purpose before either. I spent 2 years unemployed and dead broke. It was only when I submitted myself to God’s will for my life that I found a job. I went back in to education. I applied and interviewed for a job as an Instructional Assistant with the school district. God has a sense of humor. I hadn’t been home from my interview 15 minutes before my phone rang. It was the lady in HR calling to offer me the position for which I had just interviewed not 30 minutes prior. The principal told her to tell me whatever was necessary to get me to accept. Just that fast I had gone from unemployed to highly sought after. The reason is simple; I was using my gifts to fulfill my purpose. As a result, God’s grace was abundant and He blessed me with that job.

During this time, I also applied to Cal State Fullerton. You would think that because I am finally submitting to God’s will for my life the story that the rest of this story is smooth sailing. It wasn’t. Remember when I said God has a sense of humor? Yeah. So, I applied and was rejected by Cal State Fullerton (CSUF). I had been to school before and had to drop out because of life. This time God wanted me to prove that I was serious and dedicated. I had to work for this. He wasn’t going to hand it to me this time. So, I met with an advisor on campus and completed an appeal. I fought for this and I got it. Life hasn’t stopped happening and I haven’t stopped fighting for what I want; an education and teaching credential. God has been with me every step of the way. I owe all of my success to God, His grace, and His mercy. I’m grateful for His love. He could have turned His back on me the way I turned my back on Him and my purpose but He didn’t. He waited patiently for me to come to myself and return to Him.

I have found joy in my purpose.

I am Expertly Me. Be Expertly You.

“You can make many plans, but the LORD ’s purpose will prevail.” Proverbs 19:21 NLT

4 thoughts on “Being Expertly Me

  1. Sharon Clark-Cornelius September 16, 2018 — 9:13 pm

    Ooooo my God wonderful story ….thanks for sharing


    1. Thank you Sharon!


  2. Thank you for sharing that story. It’s amazing! I like the part where you say, “Being you is not as easy as you make it seem.” It made me laugh and is also true and really encouraging.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I’m so glad you like it.


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